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Karen Jewels - God Over Money Lyrics

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Karen Jewels – God Over Money Lyrics

I wanna live on Russell Hill
I wanna drive a fancy car
I wanna roll with the big boys
But all I own is my big voice
And I ain’t got money to spend
Maybe enough to pay the rent
Iit doesn’t mean that I can’t dream
As I try to make a dollar out of 15 cents

15 cents, just enough to make you holla
Cuz it don’t make sense
Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother
Play criminal minded with the white collar
Life in the video
House and a Bugatti
Money in your pocket dying to move your body

Wasup! wasup?
Say you feelin kinda lonely
Light shining on me but nobody even know me

Another star is born
She wanna do right but the high life
As she dips in the rack city
She say its got her torn
It isn’t what she signed up for

They say its nice work if you get it
It can you devour you but only if you let it
I guess that could have been me
But I chose to love God over money

It don’t mean that much to me
If I can’t share it with You
You can throw the world at my feet
But it ain’t nothing without You
I ain’t gonna sell my soul for no one
When it and all the riches belong to You

Your Love is better than and
Your House has many mansions
God Over Money

I wanna live out my dreams
Wanna live them out loud
When I speak wanna make noise
Do enough to stand out

If you only got a dime to spend
Its enough to make an end
Doesn’t mean that it won’t be
But for now we’re gonna have learn to play pretend
Play pretend
You fake it till you make it you can get it in the end
Get rich, die trying
Man gotta make it real
Get in where you fit in
Beg, borrow and steal

Radio killa
Serving sex on a platter
Standard get low
But pockets get fatter
Can’t get enough
Big fish get bigger
Got chains on the brain
Slave trade on a ni**a

Still everyday
Everyday another star is born
She wanna do right say she gotta man
She give him the ism and he put the cash in her hands
It wasn’t really part of the plan but they say it aint trickin if you got it
It will devour you if only you allow it
Yes it coulda been me
But I chose to serve God over money

Got your heart on the cash but you ain’t got God
then you goin nowhere fast with that gangsta walk oh
You keep your mind on the money but you ain’t got God
then you goin honey with that gansta walk oh oh
then you goin honey with that gansta walk oh oh

[Lyrics to God Over Money by Karen Jewels]

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