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Karl Straub - Barbie Doll Apocalypse! Lyrics

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Karl Straub – Barbie Doll Apocalypse! Lyrics

My wife and I have a beautiful daughter
She is so young and we are so old
I fell in love the first minute I saw her
And now I am her dad
Now I am her dad

My daughter knows that I work in an office, but
She must believe I’m panning for gold, from the
Way that she goes ’round spending my money
On things I never had
I never had

Ballet and shows and backpacks
Barbie doll and barbie car and
Dream-house barbie lives in
Barrettes and bows and tiny shoes and
Dream-mobile vacation
Take a break from the barbie grind and
Alcohol libations so
Ken and Barbie can unwind

My wife’s sisters are a hot baker’s dozen
They’re all livin’ in the very same town
My daughter’s got about 94 cousins
They often come around and hang around

You oughtta see when the cousins come over
They’ll bring a man to the brink of the grave
A Barbie Doll Apocalypse
There on the carpet
A father must be brave
I must be brave

[Lyrics to Barbie Doll Apocalypse! by Karl Straub]

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