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Keeton Coffman - Stumble On Love Lyrics

Keeton Coffman – Stumble On Love Lyrics

I can’t lie anymore. All this hurt is tearing me apart.
The same faces saying all the same things,
pulling me the same ways with all the same strings.
What I need is a new start. I wanna cut loose.
I bet you do, too.

It feels better when you’re close to me.
Ain’t that the way that it’s supposed to be.
I ain’t sure what’s coming our way,
but we can make it good if it’s rough.
On the way honey, we might just stumble on love.

Been breaking my back for far too long.
They’re holding me down, but it’s making me stronger
Deep in the night, it’s calling to you.
I know it is honey, cause I feel it too.
They wanna tell us that we’re the fools.
But it ain’t true, love. It ain’t true.
Give me your hand honey, I’ll prove it to you.

[Lyrics to Stumble On Love by Keeton Coffman]
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