Kembe X - Ugly Fuckling Lyrics

Kembe X – Ugly Fuckling Lyrics

Kendrick say we take a sinner’s advice
I take the winner’s advice
I must be living then, right?
Ignorant nights in an innocent life
So now the knowledge dropped is taken in an ignorant light
I’ve been in fights with myself cause I stole from me
My goal’s gon be
Don’t get stuck on these hoes homie
We grown homie
Give me 777k and we gone homie
I’m too fucking bitter to like
Guess I’m a nigga tonight
Black tee fresh up out the wash too broke to cop a pack
I’m stressed, meditate
Take some shots of jack
Knock em back
I guess the alcohol just done grown on me
But shit.. I ain’t smoking
I just quit getting stoned homie

[Bridge] We on
We on
We on
We on
We on
We on
We on

Withdrawals from the fruits of a bad habit
I picked up a pad
And sketched the thoughts of a mad addict
Why these niggas stunting on they raps when they bad at it?
I never could grapple the concept but now back to my conquest
Niggas lost swag but I’m back, black
Feel the Chi ride for me
Livin like it’s “Get a mil, die trying”
I mean, Broke living ain’t shit fuck that
Got a plate, full of shit for these hypocrites
I be feeling “fuck God” – I be trippin
Niggas itching for the Hen I need a fifth of that
Who I need to take shit from, bitch?
Anybody hatin ain’t shit
Man I’m on this race to the cash
I don’t, fake for the ass
Our middle fingers to God and my niggas face to the flag
I pledge: That everything I ever utter’s from the depths of me
Fuck politics
I gotta get this
Paper to grab
I feel I’m just a duck that’s sitting broke and mentally distraught
Breaking down specific scriptures of what simple leaders taught
Tryna be the fuckin best
Comparable unto no other
Ayo there go Kembe X, that’s one ugly motherfucker
Ugly Fuckling

[Lyrics to Ugly Fuckling by Kembe X]

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Kembe X - Ugly Fuckling Lyrics

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