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Kent Money - Home Alone Lyrics (Feat. Hit-boy)

Kent Money – Home Alone Lyrics (Feat. Hit-boy, BMac The Queen, Audio Push, B.Carr & N.No)

Sitting in the drop like they start pose in a motherfucker
Nigga’s getting into in the streets again
Young dog gonna ride on that
Two G-s staydon’t lie stay on it suckers
Plus my gang are all on my commitent
Hit the beat be til I’m ready for the ..
When nigga ready to work then we can make it go on distance
Think twince before you try to make a fly bettre have it all
Gte ready for the diference
Gotta get in on, don’t need to sleep no more
Get it on with the bitches that ain’t speak no more
Getting green from the bitches that ain’t speak before
Cuz I’m uniq with flow without a secret thought
Stay on fly, hitting high place I ain’t hit before
Just murder here for sure when I percide the flow
And all the feeling sthat I grow
I’m so serious but that perioud it’s for that
Niggas getting end it and they fallow
I ain’t have to talk with you, you can get you air trance
Freaking on that out, comedy will need to stop stone
Moving cannot bitches for side papoer
Let me see that clear
I’ll be all these when I hit that ..
I’m with my nigga check the playlist
We’re getting cubes, gte on top and we stay shits

Still with some niggas I was on the porch list
Say cheese, real nigga that’s myself portrait
It’s that treat on your own bitch
Ain’t come to the fortraise
I had to sleep on the floor bitch
l’ll be pissed and mad every time I hear that door
that mean my mama gonna be …
Like you need you stop banging, extorsing
I take your black let you store ..
But see I wasn’t here and none of that
I hit that block and I was running that
People don’t change the death well I hope that they don’t come back
For that, so I twist a rap and got mean with a flow
I found my souls and then get on the zone
We lift it on the space we feed up the bones
Use to be a ..claim in the flow
Ooh shit we came a long way
But it’s a short nigga let’s go down
Have to say he must move like …
Nigga you know it’s no guarantee that you know now that price
I’m really with that shit

Young version of bluf
Who can actually spit
Only nigga still standing
Without that sign
Really I don’t give a fuck
About you step this shit
I may be a head in my town like I go out of country
Probabby want my ex sya it baby come and spark it
Straight try to fuck me
they give me respect buddy
they give you reject buddy
But one think you can tell me
That’s not haze gotta bang out my ..
I won’t never hang with niggas how don’t like
That’s the difference between you and me
You, you and I all of us bang, bang
Really wanna play a round
Nigga come and try me like a tongue in the past real
How fucking with pimping
I won’t see no prospects …on the ripo proces
I help you in your place I run from good to fucking great
Man listen
It’s Mic from the frek old line
Yeah this my taste, this my clam, I’m Mic on this mic devices
At least twice as nice I wet to cover to …on list
I know I’m not …call him and text him for big
It’s gonna gone on mny neck and my chest
Just tell ém like this
I’mma keep ém three hundred
Don’t talk to us partener
Come suck it if you don’t start runnin

[Lyrics to Home Alone by Kent Money (Feat. Hit-boy, BMac The Queen, Audio Push, B.Carr & N.No)]

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