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Kevin Matisyn - Waking Up Lyrics

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Kevin Matisyn – Waking Up Lyrics

God where are you now?
I called you like you wanted
And now you’re all I’ve got, regardless of my doubt
And where did you go, why’d you take her along with you

To see you laying there
I remain emotionless and afraid
It’s the fight in me
But still you remain there the same
If you’d ask you could save me
But you’re wearing me out

Then one day she fell asleep
I remember when she said to me
This is no one’s fault and you’ll never lose my heart
I tried so hard to see the reason’s you’d come and complicate things
Get out cuz you can’t fix what’s left in the rubble of my life here

That’s gone and i’m alone
And I stayed with her till the break of dawn
When she woke up and she looked me in the eye
She said don’t be afraid dear, Im gonna wait here for just a little while
Then she smiled and we cried, then she closed her eyes
She was brave till the end

I wanted us to dance along the waves, it was hard to breathe
You were taken from me it’s the worst part of waking up
Knowing i am here here knowing you are there
All of this will fade away and your memory…is the best part of waking up

[Lyrics to Waking Up by Kevin Matisyn]

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