Kevin Gordon - All in the Mystery Lyrics

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Kevin Gordon – All in the Mystery Lyrics

ou might be sitting in the shade off of highway 3
Selling honey off the hood of your LTD
With a hole in your shoe and a ringing in your ear
Wondering how in the hell did you wind up here
In a folding chair, neath the birds and the bees
It’s all in the mystery

Standing at the bar, sipping on that rye
You feel so good you could almost cry
If the clock would stop then you could stay
Drink all night to wash away your day
But the lights come up, c’est la vie
All in the mystery

All in the mystery
Take it where you find it
All in the mystery
Heaven knows you might not mind it

Stranded in a motel far from home
Ain’t nobody moving til the storm is gone
Bumpin’ and a-thumpin’ going on next door
Could be love or it could be war
Could be all the same to me
All in the mystery

[Lyrics to All in the Mystery by Kevin Gordon]

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Artist Kevin Gordon Lyrics
Album"Long Gone Time" (2015)

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Kevin Gordon - All in the Mystery Lyrics

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