Kevin Gordon - Walking on the Levee Lyrics

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Kevin Gordon – Walking on the Levee Lyrics

Summer Sunday morning, no one else around
I’m walking on the levee, between the river and the town
Water’s moving fast, streets are slow
Gonna go a little farther, past the part I know

Wasp on the grass, a floating red thorn
Sun coming up, day being born

In that big house last night where I played my guitar
Everyone’s still sleeping off what they drank at the bar
Or are they making quiet love ‘neath the turning of a fan—
Did they wake to the sound of dogs barking at a man?

I grew up down the road, it’s been 40 years
Walking on the levee now, I’m a stranger here

Read the graffiti on the pump station wall:
“I heart Amber” in a red sprayed scrawl
“Did you ever have a dream you’re sure was real?”
“What does God hide—what does God reveal?”

Her daddy had a houseboat docked right down there
I still remember her kiss, the smell of her hair
That boat burned and sank 25 years ago
Karen died by lightning strike, I was told

Walking on the levee, pretty ghost at my side
The past and the present all caught in my eye

[Lyrics to Walking on the Levee by Kevin Gordon]

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