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Kevin Matisyn - See The Sun Lyrics

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Kevin Matisyn – See The Sun Lyrics

Let them see the sun and let it burn out their lungs
I fooled myself to think that you were gone
Let them touch your face and let them feed on their disgrace
And I hope you’re satisfied, I hope your purpose won’t wear out
And I hope you search yourself and sell away the sad if you could

Let them break apart if they want, let them take the fall if they want
When I said no, I said no often

Place yourself on my side, you’re down to one last lifetime

Feel the fire forming up, I feel you when you sink
Don’t take your eyes off of me
I feel your heartbeat slowing down
I free the constant energy you could not open yourself

Just let the fire burn it’s flame and let the sun burn bright again

If you want, let me break apart, if I want, let me see the sun one last time

[Lyrics to See The Sun by Kevin Matisyn]

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