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Khary Durgans - The Giving Tree Lyrics

Khary Durgans – The Giving Tree Lyrics

I’m a new rapper bleaw
You nigga stuntin’ bleaw bleaw bleaw
Fuck yo crib, bleaw
Wanna get a wind of this? There’s never a bet
Check it!

So many lived their life upon a running will
But if it stopped, would you even have a purpose still?
A nervous gerbil, I follow Yourkle through yellow coke
Now any other rapper would get fucking killed
I found luck, I found love, I found the hater
it only turns out that I’m the comment denominator
Life can suck, but we all get a palm dater
So I get a last dance for a change for a long length one
They been looking at a nigga like it’s wee different now
Went to see Atlantic, got to sea different huh
Momma, I am no longer a boy, not yet a man
But I stand in the ? existence
The mind is fragile, mind is fragile, mind is fragile
I’m just tryna stick to whatever juice I can lasser
The body is a car, so when my battery dies
I just hope my bumper sticker doesn’t say asshole

When I die and they bury me in heard
I just hope a greater plant was planted at first
So you can take from me, so you can take from me
So you can take from me, so you can take from me
My body rots and plenty mixin’ with the seeds
I hope my brain is maintained within a dream
So you can take from me, so you can take from me
So you can take from me, so you can take from me

So you can take from me so much I can take from you
If you’re not happy with them, the top is like the bottom view
Gotta see what I can do, can’t afford a ?
Second place better than first so don’t stress all the molecules
I spread napalm, don’t tell me to stay calm
Stack a bitch, mate, you should have go with stay calm
I don’t live my life say, I don’t put my breaks on
OMG you convicts, every rapper Akon
Yup, if I made a million dollars, would I ?
If I made a million dollars, would you jug it?
Just another black kid with no accountant
No father figure, I just figure, I figure it out, shit
Soul searching while your soul’s a virgin
Little serpent had me feeling worthless
Courage pursue incursive, puddle propelled through purpose

[Lyrics to The Giving Tree by Khary Durgans]

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