King Chip - Fresh At My Funeral Lyrics (Feat. Chevy Woods)

King Chip – Fresh At My Funeral Lyrics (Feat. Chevy Woods & GLC)

[Verse 1: King Chip] Yeah, King Chip up in this ho
Fresh up out the liquor store
Swaggin’ if you didn’t know
Yeah, I bet them bitches know
Throw a nigga straight up out the hood on Wikipedia
King Chip fuckin’ mula all up in the media
Straight up out the ghetto with the knowledge of an oracle
Most these rap niggas is some hoes how the story go
Up until age nineteen I was very poor
started sellin’ raps moved right up out the ghetto
Saint Claire Ave, yeah thats where you get your head bust
Seen a lot of shit when I was young I never said much
Only if I knew you would I be all on some cool shit
Seen a lot of my niggas dead all on the pool pit
I could get my hands on the bland from a heart beat
Only when you have no fear of death do you start beef
I’da seen some niggas get hundred like some fuckin’ gear
Wonder why I have no heart? that’s all I known for all my years
Niggas dont make it out my hood on no rap shit
Therefore, I am legend living fantastic
If you rolled a nice one, motherfuckin’ pass it
Light my Air Max up before you drop the casket
Yeah, King Chip, if you rollin’ nice one motherfuckin’ pass it
Light my Air Max up before you drop the casket

[Verse 2: GLC] GLC the ism is a visionary
You see my face next to ism in the dictionary
These pussy ass lames they just cant compare me
My bitches don’t complain when they gotta share me
I was sixteen when I got a Chevy
Came up from a pack to a fuckin’ heavy
Gospel, talk to apostles
Who you know that do that shit and fuck like Costco?
I know, the truth about you goofy niggas
Holdin’ niggas balls, ya’ll some groupie niggas
Flexin’ and finessin’ ridin’ hoopty niggas
I be manifesting maxin’ sushi nigga
Cool out, that same shit I rule out
Chip got it cracken out in Cleveland so I flew out
Got these hoes goin’ down low like a luau
I’m about that money and that power what is you ’bout? (Ism)

[Verse 3: Chevy Woods] I’m ballin’ just like John Wall, bitch call me the wizard
Couple years ago you know a nigga head out wizard
White tee from the corner store was my shizzirt
Breakin’ ankles cross over, I know that it hizzurt
Fresh from the corner smell the fiends house I was chilling in
I was smokin’ kush up in them hotels in Michigan
What you think I came for?
Lil niggas perfect town when they hear a Chief speak
Hurry up, pass the wine, and all we do it cash checks
I be in them Bo Jax
Ten in the rubber band or less, I need .. back
Land of an old nigga tell me who be schoolin’ you?
Where’s your point guard at? you aint never tryna shoot
Niggas sayin’ with they chest play something that I’m nice
Pussy nigga with your bet, nigga I dont need the praise
I keep the Pittsburgh nigga, but this weekend
Chip said he got it poppin’ and quit travelin’ Cleveland

[Outro: King Chip] Light my Air Max up before you drop the casket
Light my Air Max (damn)

[Lyrics to Fresh At My Funeral by King Chip (Feat. Chevy Woods & GLC)]

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King Chip - Fresh At My Funeral Lyrics (Feat. Chevy Woods)

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