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Kings Kaleidoscope - Higher Throne Lyrics

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Kings Kaleidoscope – Higher Throne Lyrics

There is a higher throne
Than all this world has known
Where faithful ones from every tongue will come
Before the Son we’ll stand
Made faultless through the Lamb
Believing hearts find promised grace and love

Hear heaven’s voices sing, hear the anthems ring
Through emerald courts, and sapphire skies
All glory, wisdom, power, strength, and honor are
To God our king who reigns on high

And there we’ll find our homes
Our lives before the throne
We’ll honor Him in perfect song and praise
He’ll wipe each tear stained eye
As thirst and hunger die
The Lamb becomes our shepherd king

Jesus, Savior, Christ my king
All my life is solely for you
Jesus, Savior, Christ my king
All my life is solely for your glory

[Lyrics to Higher Throne by Kings Kaleidoscope]

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