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Knowledge Medina - Cold Rain Lyrics

Knowledge Medina – Cold Rain Lyrics

The rain is pouring down,
I’m walking through a storm
I be in my forest,
Can’t sort this out
Left behind the bullshit,
I’m over it
Just to find in my mind the memories stored within it
I try to pray but no answer,
My question’s open ended
I lost hope, the wind set game, the matches
Smoke my face away,
Chest pain’s back
I sense death close again,
A lot of shit I’m holding in
Where do I start?
Oh, yeah, let’s try the stress
Or the un-loyal friends evolving right and left
Fucking Xs of poison with every side effect
And I hope your new boyfriend enjoys his time of death
No regrets,
I got my daughter here to keep me sane
Even though the job laid me off the same Gucci cane
I can’t let this guilt built and eat away
No time to hide even if I feel the rain

Oh, the rain falling down on me

Really getting violent in section 8
Never seen the relevance, let me set the record straight
Wish I could do what
I love full time but it never pays
Waiting for the better bait, better luck next time
Check the date, if you hungry don’t sit and wait
For someone to get your plate,
Only the strong survive, don’t hesitate
Homie, don’t cross the line or it’ll be yellow tape
Can we ever get a break?
Riding till the wheels fall off,
Fuck the rain,
I’mma build my wall and stay afloat
Life on the edge, man, I play it close
You in the game,
I replace the culture to say the least
I say the most,
We flood the streets
When our people start taking notes
I won’t preach, but I teach, let me set the basics
Fuck a trap, I’m in debt till the weather chanes
Hold up,
Drop it

[Lyrics to Cold Rain by Knowledge Medina]
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