KoBoogie - Remember Me Broke Lyrics

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KoBoogie – Remember Me Broke Lyrics

Fye Mr.1800 Ko Shid you already know what it is out here.
Niggas losing it. Right?

I been motivated dedicated
meditated concentrated.
Trying to see if I can make away.
So I elevated conversation cash talking.
Nigga listen dam nigga this a dollar day.
Selling dope of the scale hoes rocking new nails
New shoes new purses new Chanel.
Cant swim in the pool never dive in the water.
Shid times got harder trying to save every quarter! Fye

Nobody Nobody nobody know what you been threw.
Remember me broke.
Nobody Nobody nobody know what you been threw,

At the grave of my father while im looking at his name.
Everything aint the same in the game.
Say the dope got higher pussy got cheaper.
Roll a blunt son keep the loose change.
I grind hard no mind. I don’t mind to grind hard.
Ima shine regardless only shine hard when you balling.
I say Shreveport New Orleans.
Port city N.O. They don’t all know Ko I got that Michigan in my flow.
Shid. Ske town on 5th.
Grand Rapids know Maffett.
D town we here
all my songs been classics. Should be wrapped in plastic.
30 off in that basket.
Cant believe it like magic but they all can have it like JOHNSON.
Shid. Ima addicted to marijuana my Auntie call me a Junkie.
Ill rather buy weed and shoes.
She say spending all yo money on high fashion love
smoking dressing just like a start but aint really made it that far.
Got patients walk to the bar and I buy what ever you drinking and you forget what you thinking.
How we made it and we really had nothing.
Reality up in public when we made some. Five up on yo head will get yo ass done.

Nobody Nobody nobody know what you been threw.
Remember me broke.
Nobody Nobody nobody know what you been threw.

Lets roll up a blunt to take away the stress.
My homie popped him a pill to take away the pain.
He only died for ten dollars. That pill aint the same.
Cause everybody was with him they still living mane.
I been learning this game a get you fucked up.
Niggas killing they homies to get they bucks up.
Even niggas don’t know me they saying I fuck with you.
But how you fuck with me and I don’t fuck with you.
Niggas howling bout we friends trying to stab me in my back.
Knock me cross my head when a nigga aint looking.
Must remind these niggas yall niggas straight pussy.
Boy I Shot with the killers.
Sell with the dealers. Ima rob with the robbers.
Mob with the mobsters.
Order lobster that steak and some motherfucking pasta.
Who fettuccine my nigga. You Linguine lil nigga.
Ko Bucatini little nigga.
Say I pull up lets get it. 38 on you bitches.
Say That 45 gone lick like tongue touching on pussy.
Boy Its Cloud Street KoBoogie.
Ceo be the green Fiend.
Mista Mi Self Paid ima rep that shit to the death of me.
This real life we living.
Say point him out and ill kill em.
Im getting tired of these niggas and getting tired of these bitches.
I say Real niggas don’t snitch real niggas don’t bitch.
Pots and pans in the kitchen. Nigga Roxanne do the dishes.
Check the inside of this wipe make yo hoe come and strip.
Chopper bang and you flip knock the shoes off yo dusty ass.
All about my chips I refuse to come in ass last. Believe that.

[Lyrics to Remember Me Broke by KoBoogie]

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KoBoogie - Remember Me Broke Lyrics

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