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Kosha Dillz - What's Going On Upstairs? Lyrics

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Kosha Dillz – What’s Going On Upstairs? Lyrics

[Verse1] Whats going on upstairs

Hangin in my living room/ im hearing all the ratchet
Brodeur save jersey from rangers gettin a hat trick
My roommate just came home she cleaning up the cat shit
At the grease truck in brunswick – I bought a fat bitch
Now what you actually think ?
My homeboys get wasted but I dont actually drink
Red lemonade ain’t red man its actually pink
And hand shakes ain’t a deal until you put it in ink
Come on home boy the illest in town
I been to rodeos around the block and every ho down
You can ask moe from simpsons and moe from moe town
Im so high on life I never go down town!

[Hook] Whats going on up stairs
She gettin down on the floor she want my chinese chicken i ain’t general tso (woah)
Whats going on upstairs
Huh- yeah you know me put ya thang in the middle and do the hokie poke
Whats going on upstairs
None of ya business, come back and check in like 45 minutes
Whats going on upstairs
Man we gettin it on and I ain’t leaving till ike 8 in the morning

[Verse 2] Im broke as hell countin money again
Monopoly rap yeah these kids love to pretend
Bonjour mon-ami man thats something in french
Sometimes I’m so money when I rhyme it doesnt make sense
Hah my accountant name Moe and He Boogie
My driver named wisefool he no rookie
In a room full of money and a room full of nookie
If you ain’t figure out what do its all goodie
Life to good to complain and start to fight again
I copped this beat snapped my fingers start to write it in
You wrong again im right again
Dark and then its light again
And if you all alone downstairs
Come up invite a friend!

[Outro] Moaning x moaning (x 8)

[Lyrics to What’s Going On Upstairs? by Kosha Dillz]

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