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Kwamie Liv - comin THRU Lyrics

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Kwamie Liv – comin THRU Lyrics

I remember them calling my name,
hiding in the shade,
placing the blame,
running the game,
I remember you.

I remember you holding my hand
Why’d you always leave me in the summer,

Down by the riverside
gathering tricks,
say you wanna be my fix
Down by the riverside
gathering tricks,
I remember you.

Put your hands up
if you wanna be
everything you see
in your fantasies,
Imma come back for you
Imma come back for you
With my hands up

Down on this street corner we make the rules
I don’t know what you do
We go higher, we go higher
All the wind in our sail and it’s pulling us through
We are fire, we are light
And we’re never gonna hide

Comin through
Comin through
Step aside
We’re comin through
Comin through
Comin through
No such thing as no can do
Put your hands up

I remember us hanging around,
running this town from the playground
trying to act grown.

I remember you.

[Lyrics to comin THRU by Kwamie Liv]

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