La La Lush - Avenue B Lyrics

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La La Lush – Avenue B Lyrics

I looked up from the corner where we would meet
Saw the paintbrush alive in the concrete
All the colors of faded and vibrant love
Maybe this is the place I’ve been dreaming of

There’s a man casting reels off the city shore
Catching nothing but dreams of just wanting more
Every morning she sits there ordained in birds
Watch her whispering to them Walt Whitman’s words

Can’t you hear all the stories just passing by?
Crashing into the waves and the street lights
Maybe this is the way to a deeper sleep
Maybe this is the life that awakens me

This is my home now
This is my home now

In the silence I feel the fear growing strong
Can’t afford it but baby I’m holding on
Maybe I’m standing exactly where I should
With the broken, the brave, the misunderstood

This is my home now
This is my home.

[Lyrics to Avenue B by La La Lush]

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La La Lush - Avenue B Lyrics

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