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Leonard Jones - Crowns Lyrics

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Leonard Jones – Crowns Lyrics

Crowns made to throw, ointment to waste
Temples not made of stone, in garments of praise
Praise the Lord Oh my soul
Children of the flame casting crowns before him

And I worship like a lion pursuing its prey
And I worship I won’t let you get away
And I worship like it was the last day
To worship You

Sounds of Heaven and Earth ashes and dust
Angels rise up and swirl in their rite of love
And then the sky opens up
And the rain comes down on every crown on the ground

Then you come like a hurricane
like a wheel within a wheel
Higher there is no name
For worthy is the Lamb of God to break open every seal

Crown him with many crowns the Lamb upon his throne,
heavenly anthems drown
All music but their own.
Awake, my soul, and sing
Of him who died for thee,
Hail him thy matchless King

[Lyrics to Crowns by Leonard Jones]

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