Like Pacific - 105 McCaul St. Lyrics

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Like Pacific – 105 McCaul St. Lyrics

That should have been a red flag, together we’re a mess
I mean what I say in a literal sense
Live off late night arguments and bad intent
But I can’t complain, I didn’t pay a cent

For what it’s worth, I would have killed myself for the attention
In all honesty you’re judged by the company kept, literally socially inept
That’s what I’ve learned

We’ve crossed that, I broke our trust
Can you open a window, I don’t want your secondhand bad decisions

And we’re living a lie, feeling miles away
While we’re next to each other, in a bedroom
Always running behind, because we’re always up late
This place hasn’t changed, it just made you

In all honesty, you’re judged, you’re judged
Like I said

[Lyrics to 105 McCaul St. by Like Pacific]

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Artist Like Pacific Lyrics
Album"Like Pacific" (2015)

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Like Pacific - 105 McCaul St. Lyrics

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