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Little Big League - Property Line Lyrics

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Little Big League – Property Line Lyrics

In spite of my personal feelings
You are being cruel on purpose
Submitted my composure and image
And he can see you all over

Oh you, you bully
You always loved to see
How many fingers you could fit inside this old wound

We were beached by the same tide but I swallowed all need
Now I’m older
I was rooting for you, and you still take it out on me
Aren’t you older?

God you, you bully
You got what you want
A big house near the city “falling forward alone”

I fell from a great height and woke up screaming
Eased myself with a memory — dad on the property line
Putting me to work, clearing the acreage of blackberry bramble
Loading up the burn piles, loading my days into burn piles

© 2014 Little Big League

[Lyrics to Property Line by Little Big League]

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