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Ljundisputed - High Jacked Up Lyrics

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Ljundisputed – High Jacked Up Lyrics

I’m cuming for the fifth time in this bitch of mine
Now I know you keep hating out here man
Ha Ha Ha Yeah Heah We go

[VERSE] High jacked up motherfucker hands up,
Coming to the game then you start to make that noise up,
A4 niggas looking to the sky like what the fuck is up?
LJUNDISPUTED be the code,
And I’m never taping out.
Eating rap, then i spit to your face.
I’m the musket, motherfucken output,
Hands on your fucken head, then i gotta search you up,
Bang Bang Pow if you try anything.
I promise i’m good.
And I’m rapping for the game,
Fame aint shit to me, Bitches aint shit to me,
Pussy is just another issue but paper aint shit to me
And I’m never going back to the old me,
I’ma see you six feet, and your bitch is so sweet,
Niggas aint shit to me, i’ma murder for the purpose of the fun.

Just like Stock Exchange, X marks the spot,
Dirty South, eating all these
motherfucken rappers outchea
Come to my hood, crack is on the streets,
Cops are on a mission but they getting tips,
Drugs on my system then I’m going so strong,
High jacked up motherfucker hands up,
Now you caught up in the spot
light, then you can’t talk
High jacked up paid for that short time,
Then i’m back again,
Can you smell what i’m cooking ROAD TO
RICHES on the mission
A4 be the code, many niggas tried but their blood is on the floor,
They say money is the root of all evil but is keeps the world spinning,
I’ma bowl so hard it’s all thanks to all arounda beats.
And my main nigga ASHES by my side
Keep cooking good Kush, We Eat
Every Day west niggas
I’m dope boy and i’m rapping in this bitch,
Motherfucker high jacked up, keys please
Now i leave you on the floor, then i take your stupid hoe,
TO RICHES going hard

[Lyrics to High Jacked Up by Ljundisputed]
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