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Ljundisputed - Road to Riches Lyrics

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Ljundisputed – Road to Riches Lyrics

[INTRO] Yeah it’s your boy LJ outchea
Here nigga
I’m just on my way to the RICHES
And I’m seeing gold in front of
Me Ha Ha Ha Ha

[VERSE] First clip, Dirty South
F**ken shit morning side
Motherf**ker I’m outchea
ROAD TO RICHES going hard
Never made it without a pain on
My left scare
Niggas chasing foot steps, I’ve
Been gone two steps
Following 2 chainz, I’ve been
Locked up, jacked up
PLANET LJ WC explains all the
Reasons why i came up
I’ve been in the game, ever since
I was 9
Now you niggas acting strange
Like who the hell is me?
LJUNDISPUTED be the name
I got all my bitches on my dinner
Table eating shits
ROAD TO RICHES is on the
Mission now you screaming nice
7 record labels and I’m thinking
About that black label
Come into my hood nigga, good
Kush is sweet
You niggas out ragers, but i’m
Rated in the streets
I never write down all i do is just
Then i time it out like a
Motherf**ken internet
You call yourself a rapper
Motherf**ker I’m no rapper, I’m
No stranger
I’m just sealing all these bitches
And I’m sipping twenty eleven
Whiskey that you know
On the ROAD TO RICHES with my
Niggas building mansions in our
Minds that’s a mind state
Come into my crib bitch I’m all
About night stand

I ‘be rating all a**es that lack
Shaking hands with my niggas
Every time we meet
Hello Candice please baby don’t
Blush, you chilling with a nigga
That is on the ROAD TO RICHES
And I’m getting paid for each and
Every word i gotta say to you
I’m the motherf**ken delivery
Boy, you got my message without
No text and i’m paid to chat
Did it for my niggas that be
Pushing for the Dirty South
You talk shit, I’ma pull the trigger
On your face
Motherf**ker blood gang, Brother

Never tag along with them niggas
That they ain’t your friends
You claim to be a gangster but
You never had a gun
I take you six feet but still you
Can’t rise

Its a match that you will never
Win in boxing fight
Cause I’m sitting on my thrown
My nigga ASHES told me keep on
Rapping then i’m gone
I give you all the pole please
Bitch don’t pause
Then you let my beat flow like
John Paul

[Lyrics to Road to Riches by Ljundisputed]

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