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Ljundisputed - Show Off Lyrics

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Ljundisputed – Show Off Lyrics

Aaaah Yeah
I just had to do it man….

I’ma show off to these niggas, show off to these bitches,
Every time I hit it, it’s like I hit another angle,
Mad in my circle it’s like I’m mad in my party,
Booz in my system, weed in my system
Bitches on the floor like, who’s on the Kush link?
Yeah my name is LJ, niggas don’t argue,
I came to the party like I came to the eye view,
Booz is just a half way; weed is on the high way,
Rolling with my niggas, yeah man we twisting
Hala at these bitches, yeah man we eating,
Grinding everyday its like I’m rolling with my heavy weight.
Shorty told me I was right when i had to meditate,
These niggas are hating cause they never had a fair play
Grinding on my bitches cause I’m having all that four play,
I be on this beat it’s like spiting cause I’m hunted,
Living on the other planet where it’s full of nightmares,
LJ be name, UNDISPUTED be the code now
A4 spiting louder than the first lady now
Getting high everyday it’s like on the high way,
Money is on the other side yeah
I’m on the journey now,
Niggas they be like yeah man you the general
Speaking louder than the nigga that is on the funeral,
Ain’t no time to show off bitch get off I’m the money land,
Money keep on stressing hoes hustle till they see their Oz
This is what I’ve been told ever since i was a boy,
Money don’t come easy you gotta hustle till you sore
This is what I saw the other day when I met joy,
Life ain’t fair I gotta hustle till my breath is out
I’m paid like a nigga that is working on them long nights,
Things aint easy but they keep getting easy way,
This is my life my lead my living days
Every time I see myself it’s like
I’ve seen another way
High in the top sea lings take a seat I’m driving,
All these bitches in the party they just wanna ride me,
Telling all their niggas that damn
I will take them,
I straight up to your face motherfucker what you going do?
Fight in the night I’m like Mike Tyson?
Bowling everyday I’m showing off to these niggas
Bowling everyday showing off to these bitches,
Paper aint shit I just to hold and go and get it,
Back in the studio I’m just on
Punches to this game I see you shaking cause you falling
I’m holding tight to the title cause I’m all I have it,
Getting off these niggas cause
I’m twisting all these blunts now

Yeah, yeah ain’t this track show off
Then you coming here with your wank ass mouth.
Nigga I’m not Dope it’s just dirty south
Yeah LJ I’m ouch.

[Lyrics to Show Off by Ljundisputed]
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