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Locksmith - House Of Games Freestyle Lyrics

Locksmith – House Of Games Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse 1: Locksmith] Stick a fork in his corpse, cordially courtin’
Sourcin’ his portion for organs, giving metaphors an abortion
A portrait of poor sportsmen, endorsin’ remorse torts
And I, torture his vocal cords and his chorus is the four horsemen
Your course forcin’ they row but I’m boat snorin’
A smorgasbord of endorphins, I’m dorphin your dwarf swordsmen
I retort but of course no recourse forward, I’m more of a mortise while my rapport discourse forward
I’m formin’ a fort, forcin’ proportions that pour forward
Sort of a four-fifth to your orifice you poor b***h
Forfeit tryna spit with this n***a, I forewarned him
Waging a war, décor of Muhammed or George Foreman
Performin’ vocal expressions that question the status quo
And havin’ no sense of worth when you can barely pack a show
Distracted by the fact I was too rabid and impacted by the s**t people said, but instead let it amplified
N***as want a response, my response; Keep waitin’
Fools rush in, smart n***as keep patient
Chasin’ the next man, the best plan developed wrong, f**k rushin’ a freestyle my n***a make a better song

[Lyrics to House Of Games Freestyle by Locksmith]

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