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Lonny X - Gone Lyrics

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Lonny X – Gone Lyrics

Tipping I been sliping
Gone so gone
Its only 1
God please protect my life my god

Everyday we acting dumb
17 living in america
farakan better said number one
Never a runner up u so dumb
Back up, strapped spirit gun
Matched with a 3 hole mask and. Its vury dark
Oh my god. Im ash u a pokemon
Ashin another one
Number 1 coming upv

Who am I? Ull never know
Im all about clothes and getting dough
Dooor closed u should go home
No no iphone no photo
Be gone, too cold, no promos
Dumb hoe u just act funny when the cash floe
I am Castro
I have no soul
We be up everynight
Passing dimes

No sir
I dont want talk

Everything so lame
I been so lost
And the
The sky so dark
La la la la la.

[Lyrics to Gone by Lonny X]
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