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Lowhill - Hollow Words Lyrics

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Lowhill – Hollow Words Lyrics

When you plant the seed
Would you even try
To fill the need
Of your sons that bury the words
And you swore you’d be there
To catch me when i fall
I found myself falling
Falling through the cracks

You can’t stop the current but you can learn to swim
Stay afloat, save yourself from drowning
When reality starts beating your dreams
It’s the moment you want to stay awake
Want to stay awake

In came the fog
To bring closure
This absence, this nothingness
These hollow words
The first half and you have vanished
No sign of you is left behind
After years of searching myself
I’ve come to conclusion that
None of this is real
None of this is true
While this place needs a hope
Your behavior stays cruel

Don’t carry around your crown
Where you can’t wear it
This place is already filled
With cowards just like you
Don’t carry around your crown
Where you can’t wear it
If he hears my thoughts
Maybe you should hear them too

Maybe some day, some time
You will clean the mess you’ve made
Even if that time ever comes
I knew you wouldn’t stay
Every mile left on this road
The gray in your eyes
Has never seemed so dreary

Promises made
No longer hold

As my eyes keep staring at these fragile emotions
I make my statement to stay on my own two feet
Whats the point of having an ocean
If your ship won’t have a lead
We were not made for this
We were not meant to cross this bridge
To cross this bridge
We were meant to burn down with it
It’s out of our hands now
Roll the dice
Let the fate decide
To define the rest of our lives

[Lyrics to Hollow Words by Lowhill]

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