Lucki Eck$ - BOOMIN' Lyrics

Lucki Eck$ – BOOMIN’ Lyrics

Tell your friends that you shop with me
I know the old dealer selling that board
That nigga be times but he serving that heat
Boss baby serving that ’96 board
There ain’t no other dealer got more plug than me
Charged up with a tugger or a tight pull
And like my car fight if I’m too deep
I just hope y’all come shop in this pool
And every dealer saying how they stars in the dark
How the fuck that work if they stars on the moon?
Don’t try to rob me ever, I got that thing on my side
It’s like the best men and I’m the fucking groom
So I ain’t gotta talk about how my work suited
I ain’t gotta mention and none of that shit
So I ain’t gotta talk I just pack so good
I kill a friend for it like…

I’m boomin’
Business up and I’m boomin’
Y’all keep ruining it, ruining it
‘Cause y’all lives ain’t boomin’
‘Cause I’m boomin’
I keep it low key but I’m boomin’
A nigga all on my ass
But they ain’t gonna cash ‘cause I’m just boomin’
Business going boom, boom, boom
My line be going boom, boom, boom
My business going boom, boom, boom
My line be going boom, boom, boom
‘Cause I’m boomin’
My business up and I’m boomin’

[Lyrics to BOOMIN’ by Lucki Eck$]

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