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Luckless - When You Asked Her To Stay Lyrics

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Luckless – When You Asked Her To Stay Lyrics

Let’s fight about everything we misunderstood
And lets fight around the houses and hounds in this tiny neighborhood
And we’ll break everything that we made, and lose everything we gave
When you asked her to stay

Let’s hide away all the frightened shades of our hearts
We’ll pretend we’re okay
Like we never felt like killing ourselves in the dark
And if we crash and burn we’ll find a plastic surgeon
To mask these scars of burden
And then you’ll ask her to stay

You think yourself a romantic
A more fanatical rampage point of view
Picture yourself in transit
If you could only admit that you’ve been used

Let’s lie about the beat and the colour of the clouds
The truth is dead, but it never made us happy when we kept it around
And if it’s fake, then that’s what we craved, but we weren’t so jaded
When you asked her to stay.

[Lyrics to When You Asked Her To Stay by Luckless]

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