Lupa - Eyes Unclouded Lyrics

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Lupa – Eyes Unclouded Lyrics

I couldn’t see before
I was blinded by an image
Reflected in a broken mirror
The one you broke for me

I thought I could see you
As transparent and clear painted as you are
I believed you really there
I created you

You never looked at me
Like I looked at you
And only now I’ve looked away
Do I really see you

Can’t you see
We were a lie
A lie I tangled myself in
In fear of opening my eyes

But you can’t
You never will
Not like I see now
Eyes unclouded by love

But was it really love
Or just something almost as false
As the image I once saw
In the mirror you broke for me

[Lyrics to Eyes Unclouded by Lupa]

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Lupa - Eyes Unclouded Lyrics

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