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M.I. - The Trip Lyrics

M.I. – The Trip Lyrics

Verse 1
Hit you with that sht that they’ve been missing
Gotta feeling I’ma get it in a minute
I see Aziz on the TV, and I’m trippin’
That’s a witty muf**ka / I’ma need to get a ticket
Took a dmt trip & I witnessed
The bitterness inside of me a lie
& everything I thought I knew was audible
& all of it was fraud / it was all inside a mind
All inside of mine / part of me caught in a vine
Met God, she was taller than me
But shorter than me at the same time
Like she could me hold me in her hand
Or she could look me in my eye
Couldn’t begin to believe it, even though I really tried
Then she told me ‘it’s aiight’ – yeah she told me ‘it’s aiight though’
Told me that she understood why I was in the cycle
Spiritually lost, materialistic – Michael
Then she told me that she mothered earth
& what we need is a better purpose
& how we thinks got a way of manifesting itself
So, see if you can be a f**kin better person
So I’m cutting out the negativity… yeah
& treatin the rest of this life like a trip, till it kill me & it leave me dead…
Sht lemme take you on

This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip

Verse 2
Then I looked up at the sky & that muthaf**ka exploded
Focused on every minute I was given
Time probably a gift if you don’t see the hope in it
See the wind was going
& im serious when I say what I saw was the end but only for a little bit
The bigger picture is the growth
Saw it sittin’ in a room listening to jhene’ aiko
Screwed & chopped
Fell up on the floor when I dropped it
Fell in love with her when I played ‘stranger’ slower
But unlocked it
The difference so it seems is the increase in the options
Gotta million muf**kas like me thinking bout the same thing, looking at her instagram
So I’m sayin…I’ma let it breathe cause the main thing that I learned is being possessive
Isn’t a natural claim
Commit but keep it g, let her be as free as she wana be
People gotta be able to do what they wana do, so ain’t no way you can force a person to believe
So I’m re-evaluating everything I see
Cause people change so fast these days, you just gotta be good with what it is
See, Soul spit about it so well that I had to take him up on

This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip
This Trip

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