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Mandrake - Pacific Drift Lyrics

Mandrake – Pacific Drift Lyrics

Oh, please molly don’t bring me down
To the fictional outskirts of this endless town
There’s a monster in the marshes waiting to me down
He’s waiting for the rain to come and wash us out
The girl from near Encino always service with a smile
She’ll never be your girlfriend, just a partner in crime
Factoring out ignitions and the carburetor grime
Sister Margaret don’t cry just yet, much more will go awry
Oh, we’re bums
Stumbling down the boardwalk, pavement’s molten lava hot
It’s the last waltz, true or false, the drawing of the dark
Discount abagados wearing polyester white
I’m drowning in the quicksand, I’m the juggler dropping knives
Oh, we’re bums
And we’re one in a million
One in twenty-six, five hundred million
They don’t know about us

Abandoned Albertson shopping cart rusting in the mud
Chemical refineries and oil wells come unplugged
The west is the best so we’re drifting to the west
Falling out of favor and failing every test
Oh, we’re bums
And we’re one in a million
One and one in six five hundred million
They don’t know, they don’t know

Stumbling ‘round in the dark
Palm trees and bums in the park
They don’t know about . . .
They don’t know about us
They don’t think about us
They only think that we’re bums
‘Cause they don’t know about

Oh, we’re bums
Stumbling but we always stay up
Under the bluest Disney sky

[Lyrics to Pacific Drift by Mandrake]
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