Mariner - Eurydice Lyrics

Mariner – Eurydice Lyrics

Spring has withered away with the winter’s last frost
Leaves me with neither time nor touch to heal what I have lost
I would have loved and raised our family with contentment
But the gods saw fit to bear me my penance.

The summer burned your frame into the skyline
The only truth I needed lied twice behind your eyes
But the impetuous earth stole you away from me,
and I was made to see your virtuous fragility

They painted to lovers close enough to touch but still in frame and never can.
I balled and raised my fist and cursed the gods for everything, cursed the gods for everything they ignored.

When will I forget the way your body lay limp in the dirt?
When will the sound dull the pain rather than sharpen the hurt?
I was alone when they sent your body out to sea.
I felt your body burn as the water swallowed every last piece of me.

So, I forced his hand, sang songs of terror in me and loss of my own
I didn’t come this far just to leave here without my home.
I faced the pride that swelled within me and resolved to make him give you back
then I found your body under the world, it was lost in abyss and faded cracks

I touched your hand and smiled in relief
that I would have you again and be spared my grief
but the thought to look, and the fear that I had been deceived
was more clever than I, and the urge to see you overcame me.
I saw you dragged back into the earth and darkness underneath.

Be still, insides, there must be another way, there must be
Another sonnet, another shrill plea to tempt the fates to flee
But the rivers screams how we failed, and there is no hope for return
but anger, or was it grief, rooted me to the shore, a stone facet undiscerned.

Autumn whispered in my ear, it sounded like your voice
and when I’m honest, staying here was not a choice
I’m still struggling to find the meaning of it all,
when everything leads to such a tasteless curtain call.

[Lyrics to Eurydice by Mariner]

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Artist Mariner Lyrics
Album"Those Who Challenge The Sun" (2013)

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Mariner - Eurydice Lyrics

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