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Mathien - Soul Down And I Lyrics

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Mathien – Soul Down And I Lyrics

It’s been a while since I cared, and even longer since I’ve been scared
It’s alarming to say, you’re disarming, but maybe it’s an omen
I wanna take control and let my mind get the best of me

Then maybe I would believe Destiny

Come and be my dope, come and be my contraband
Girl you know I’m a thief, stealing anything I can
Break me outta here, let me find a way to rest easy

Then maybe I would believe Destiny

Bearing my soul down and I won’t relent this time
I feel it in my bones, my how it has grown into something to believe in
Even if somebody else is standing in line
I’ll be coming on strong until I bring you home, this evening

I’m breaking your fall and tearin down these so called walls
With a mind just like a gun, and eyes just like an animal
Show me how to feel so melodic, sweet darlin
I’m not here to make you learn, I just want to make you turn your head towards me

[Lyrics to Soul Down And I by Mathien]

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