MELECHESH - Multiple Truths Lyrics

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MELECHESH – Multiple Truths Lyrics

Arrogant vain, nephilim
They delegate the agents of chaos
Assassins of thought,
Shround minds
These savant theological impostors

Shipwrecked in the sea
Of confusion
Adam’s language
Enochian paradox

Sons of Enki,
Daughters of Ninma
Owners of methodical absolution
Agents of chaos make order
Induce one truth for all

Shipwrecked in the sea
Of confusion
Abstract of religion
It’s all lies,
Multiple truths

Heterodox dissintent
Sons of Anunnaki
Tear the Chrysalis around the spirit
May it grow, defy these chambers
Deny the absolutes

Shipwrecked in the sea of Apzu
Adam’s language, shroud DNA

Enochian paradox
Enochian paradox

[Lyrics to Multiple Truths by Melechesh]

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Artist MELECHESH Lyrics
AlbumEnki (2015)

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MELECHESH - Multiple Truths Lyrics

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