Miami Silas - Prayer Lyrics

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Miami Silas – Prayer Lyrics

Every other morning I wake,
Not because I’m deserving
it’s ’cause you won’t forsake me.
Every other day ain’t the same
Yet your love for me never changed
Although I did and…

Thank you for all your love in me.
Without you I couldn’t be (be).
Father I owe to you all I am
Not as a man, but as part of your plan.

I believe that we all make mistakes.
It’s beyond our power to change,
What it takes is you.
I’m looking at my life and I see.
I’m looking at my life and I see.
There isn’t any sin or anything
You can’t forgive and
Though the Devil will try to lie, so sly
You never made me cry

Now that I love thee I know
You won’t let me compromise
Since you opened up my eyes.
My eyes, since you opened up my eyes..

[Lyrics to Prayer by Miami Silas]
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