Miasmal - Until The Last Lyrics

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Miasmal – Until The Last Lyrics

From the beyond, the blackened siren calls
Singing the words of false deliverance
Craving the souls from those who falls
Singing from the sinking island of reverence

Hidden from the suns burning rays
Freezing, the blood freezes in your veins

The futile hopes, the dreams of the remaining
Seeping out into the seas
Drifting towards the house of unlight
In vain are all the pleas

These darker days
Are set ablaze
The tones of destruction will be heard loud and clear
The time has come

Spiraling downwards
Out of control
The hopes of the afterlife
Are swallowed whole

The words that were written have lost their meaning
The books pages are burning fast
From the beyond, the blackened siren is screaming
Eating the world until the last

[Lyrics to Until The Last by Miasmal]

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Artist Miasmal Lyrics
Album"Cursed Redeemer" (2014)

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Miasmal - Until The Last Lyrics

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