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Michael Christmas - Leonard Washington Lyrics

Michael Christmas – Leonard Washington Lyrics

Fax nigga, mad grass nigga
I can’t even pass a f**king math test, nigga
Dropped out, got a nigga mad press figure
I do maps like Magellan and Map Quest, nigga
We go together like P’s and Q’s
Go together like fat bitches need the view
Go together like Chris Brown need his booze
Go together like toilets and poo
In Dutch, rebel’s the bay
But wouldn’t let me through
Even if I had two broken legs
These bitches want my money,
I ain’t got a penny saved
Penny savers don’t save a lot
Where I’m shopping, nigga, eh
I get play like Greg Odor[..] in the playoffs
Like Dad Growls[..] when his new ACA came off
I drink like I got laid off
And if you wasn’t on my dick before, bitch,
Stay off!

I think I’m Bing Crosby, sing crowdly in a lobby
With dice an d a cup of coffee
Do this everyday, like budist meditating
Rapping ain’t no game, that’s why they mad
That a nigga playn,
Dressed up, scarved by the sense of being a chaser
Would have wished that Shawn Down[..] and a nigga might have made it
And then I might get payment
Michael Jackson moon walking off the spaceship
I’m high as that, nigga, and that’s a fact, nigga
Top turn buckle for these raps like
5 star frog splash, nigga
Treacherous at math and science classes
Wish the fat asses walked slow like pork molasses
Teacher used to tell me, boy, you slow like some my lasses
Afraid they had a girl who took poll dance in classes
Cause the type of shit I’m on
Dave Chappelle, third season, bird season,
Fried, embedded, I be betting, dice game with Leonard Washington
Who the fuck Renee Zellweger?
This song look good in a sweater
Bitches Honeygram like Heather
And when the lights come off
And it’s my turn to settle down,
I hope my bitches made a silicone cone look like Jackie Brown
Pam Grizz giving me hell, while my man steady, the nearest live theater
The third dragon, bare skin on my head, and the toe tag
I body beats like how my boy on the meat, like firenose dragons
Wild goose chase, top gun, I got the best balls in the Quad, son
Sqaud up!
Squa, squa squa squa

[Lyrics to Leonard Washington by Michael Christmas]

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