Michael Gabriel - A Sliver Of The Sun Lyrics

Michael Gabriel – A Sliver Of The Sun Lyrics

You hold your hand out for me
I answer yes
Can we go for a ride
Too see this place
In ways where we carve roads
Unroll fantasies with faith

Good-bye yesterday
I’m leaving you behind
Whatever mess I’ve made
Court of fate will decide
I won’t run or hear
Every doubt I made
Down and afraid
Whispered in my ear from me

Nothing left to do
But write it down
Send it off to you

If it brings you light
A sliver of the sun
I’ve done what I’ve come here to do
Sharing my eyes
Through my heart filtered truth

Waves come crashing
I’ve been lasting stronger now
From every fall I fell
I’ll never leave a dream
But I’m leaving
What’s no longer me

[Lyrics to A Sliver Of The Sun by Michael Gabriel]

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Artist Michael Gabriel Lyrics
Album"A Sliver Of The Sun" (2013)

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Michael Gabriel - A Sliver Of The Sun Lyrics

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