Mid Ayr - My Mayhem Lyrics

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Mid Ayr – My Mayhem Lyrics

You see the alpha kid in class gets his kicks out of shooting ducks,
You know I know you need a badge of approval.
I’ll be your protege today, then tomorrows’ pallet of paint,
for you to make a mockery out of me.

What makes it worse is that I find that these people think that you’re fine,
instead they say I’m the one with the problem.
And I react with no reaction,
talk without expression since my opinion – well it ceases to be.

My Mayhem
My Mayhem

Everyday I have this target to finish what I’ve started,
instead I quickly grow disheartened and restless.
So who am i to say what matters my own ambitions shattered,
colored confetti scattered all through the carpet.

And ‘sure’ I’m in the works of recording a ‘hit of course’,
these double standards left me stranded and sorry.
Playing dumb, feeling shy.
Oh man I’ve really fucked it this time.

My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem
My Mayhem

[Lyrics to My Mayhem by Mid Ayr]

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Mid Ayr -  My Mayhem Lyrics

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