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MidaZ the BEAST - Hat Trick Lyrics

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MidaZ the BEAST – Hat Trick Lyrics

Verbal jousting
40 ouncing
Counting stacks up
Its murder Monday money
Contenders pull they slacks up
Im seemless like certain shirts
Midaz is a stain where no detergent works
I heard ya verse
It couldn’t be worded worse

Karate kid
Robbing maseratis
With the shotty hid
I don’t walk in puddles using losers as a body bridge
Amish crib
direct line to barack
Phone in a cake glass
Secure I still answer in Jamaican accent
I never been a hockey fan
So when I pull a hat trick
That mean its custom
You aint buying that shit
I’ve made it to a level where
Its so high
It start to circle round
In my current spot you’ll see the devil there
Work the town
With words

Some doom special herbs beats
Got these herbs beat
They weak blood vessel nerves leak
Squeeze they pussy blackhead
No referencing a pimple
I mean my man hands and they temples
No disrespect
Fuck ya trans am
Lets transact
Watch me transition
Transplant you
You translucent

I transform
Or you transform
How was you born
Stay over there
Ain’t no polar bear with colder stares
Studio equipped
With leather chevy nova chairs
Im snapping
And theres no concern for photo glare
Still take ya lady
Rocking the gear from koko ware

Allah sees all
I see a fraction
Rhymes wrote to old love songs of toni Braxton
Unbreak my heart
And breaking it’s the idea
When im near
I sneer
The crib is ikea
Its my year dear
So say the chinese
We celebrate with marathons of me, myself and Irene
Wish on a star
Dance on a star
Michael irving kyrie
Practicing tai chi
Drinking chai tea
Its me you niggas know me
Don’t act funny style
Ok you getting money now but
I still will put that fire to you
You dont comprehend what it feels like
To have a style so desired do you
Its voodoo
How questlove orchestrate it?
I don’t spread nothing but love
But most often hated

[Lyrics to Hat Trick by MidaZ the BEAST]
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