Mike $teez - ZiLLA Pt. 2 Lyrics

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Mike $teez – ZiLLA Pt. 2 Lyrics

Call it like I see it
Smoke weed like I need it
Minor conceited I got shit to back me up
And this is music for yo soul
Back with the raps and the truth unfolds
Many flows in my arsenal
Arsenic fire with the rhymes that I spit
I go hard like nipples in the cold
You feel me when you most vulnerable
Still in high school got high intelligence
In class feeling like I shouldn’t be here
Tryna claim apex with this rap career
Fear no one but me myself
My biggest enemy is Michael $teez
She want me for the money but she give me what I need
1 up nigga I be seein through the bull shit
Easy E’s death homie I’m just too sick
Wonder if I’m ever goin stop
Will the world ever stop orbiting the sun
That’s yo answer I ain’t explain twice
Albert Einstein couldn’t solve this problem
Real niggas disappearing matter fact dissolving
Sugar in water
The Christian Malcolm x
And I say that in vex ima philosopher
In the race I’m in first
Ima conquer King Arthur mentality
What I do with these beats is a tragedy
What if the world just had love and peace
Then we would all live happily
But it’s bullshit like jive turkey
Renovate my mind I be switching up the flow
Swag of the up most
From coast to coast
I float and smoke
You know me by the bucket hat rockin delacreme vans
To dope for your tv
Coming hard like I ain’t bust a nut in two weeks
Kicking flows left and right my styles ambidextrous
2 dimension mind you niggas can’t get like mine
Speakin real is a crime in the city of rain
I mean city of pain suicide Capital
Only me and the mic that’s how I rhyme so tight
Hand me a pen and paper ima throw my two cents in
Made a commitment
Rappin never stops
Behind the bars gotta life sentence
This like a new beginning
Young nigga
Breath of fresh air I’m like a new planet
If you not feeling me I beseech thee
put this on repeat
Underground but I’m above the hype
And this is too real for your liking
But ion give a fuck
Play my cards right fuck testing luck
This that full moon anti illuminati shit
Enlightened from the herb
And that’s word from my conscious
Omniscient with the flow but I ain’t a know it all
I’m a dog ima pounce and prowl
Flipped an ounce but I mainly smoked it all
Had some good shit but I forgot what’s it called
Third eye open so these thoughts is broad

I’m getting money like credit card fraud

[Lyrics to ZiLLA Pt. 2 by Mike $teez]

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Artist Mike $teez Lyrics
Album"CROWND" EP (2013)

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Mike $teez - ZiLLA Pt. 2 Lyrics

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