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Mike Zombie - Stop Being Greedy Lyrics

Mike Zombie – Stop Being Greedy Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah yeah
My mouth fucked up right now
Fuck it

[Verse 1] It’s 3 am in the morning let’s get some shit that’s on my chest
I look around in the game and I see this shit is a mess
Niggas music is unhonest and y’all just be accepting the shit
My mixtape out right now and bitch my shit is the best
Because i’m really with the shits
I am not acting dealing with irrelevants telling me stop rapping
When niggas told me quit beats I was just laughing
Put me on a track with your artist and we’ll see what happens
I put in work in the booth now its time to play toll until I get my credit on what nobody can go
It’s that 2011, Mr. lottery flow
Ay let me talk about some shit that really bother me though
Every fucking interview they wanna talk about Drake
If you wanna talk to Drake then go and talk to drake
Bitch my name Mike Zombie and the shit i make great
Don’t get me wrong, that’s the boss but my name ain’t drake, straight
Bitch it’s me, the next Mike Zombie I said that because the only person im trying to be is me
Bitch im going in like a motherfucking B&E
Yall make-believe im the type of nigga to make niggas believe, please
Im that nigga you know that nigga feel the hate
I invest my money in clothing lines and real estate
Smart nigga, get it from my moms nigga
Im not the type to hate im the type to applaud niggas
Right now im leaning off a pill like a fucking segway
I can’t believe I really fucked my woman crush wednesday
Niggas want the juice until the get that shit
But only niggas like me can deal with that shit
So be careful what you wish for, just might get it
Did a lot in my year career, that a lotta niggas didn’t
So when niggas talk about me I dont even be trippen
Cause pussy nigga this just The End Of The Beginning!

[Outro] Yeah
My mouth still fucked up nigga
The throne is mine pussy nigga, whats up!

[Lyrics to Stop Being Greedy by Mike Zombie]

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