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Mikkey Halsted - Salmon Crouquettes Lyrics

Mikkey Halsted – Salmon Crouquettes Lyrics

I’m still wee tined out, still my denim selfish
My broad is feeling couture, still allergic to shellfish
But we don’t draw with crabs, we don’t fuck with suckers
I jumped out the barrel…
I ran with the folks, we ward against the brothers…was happy we killing each other
Burry too many, carry many as pallbearers
Watching…the Devil, may we all perish
Please listen to my demo, momma maid a lil’ money stretched like a limo
Now it’s strictly business out in Venice, trick in Spanish
Most my homies was old dogs, could’ve been the menace
Witness murder, pimps and prostitution
I never took the stand but still I faced the prosecution
Taking penitentiary chances tryna get to cheddar
Our sisters forced to be the soldiers, coldest winter ever
This here is salmon croquettes, y’all

We live the life of hustlers, we talk the talk of kings
Still in tune with the language and anguish of the fiends
The preacher mass perverted, the politician schemes
It’s all smoke and mirrors, it’s never what it seems
I represent the ghetto, senator of the slums
The same land Larry Hoover ran his round from
I never let it define, oh, what I could become
My daddy died, I seen him resurrected through my son
Now momma tryna get her groove back
But ain’t a nigga living that could buckle daddy goose traps
Even though he was chasing demons, he was still a…what’s the reason
He always said can get no answers till you know the questions
Can get no proper over standing till you know the lessons
Why you think I got my Bible and my Smith and Wesson
I thank God for this meal, it’s time to say your blessings
This here is salmon croquettes, y’all

Listen, from where we can’t afford to sleep, that’s why we never dream
And I’m invented some shit that y’all ain’t never seen
The tracks to match the words I write, I light the kerosene
The mic’s the cotton filled bottle that quickly glows the scene
It’s time to get up off the sidelines and quit the team
The Vatican City devils are the Elohims
I say I’m Israel, the people don’t know what I mean
They all wanna be…
I’m in the belly tryna duck the places made for crooks
Smoking like Ethiopians blowing on that ancient kush
Push my agenda to the masses praying they see the truth
Through their poverty tinted glasses
As I open the scrolls of the Dead Sea
Then drag the people in kicking and screaming like Jet Li
I’m jet-skiing on the water on your brain
Open your third eye, just don’t maintain
This here is salmon croquettes, y’all

[Lyrics to Salmon Crouquettes by Mikkey Halsted]

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