Mindless - Revelations Lyrics

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Mindless – Revelations Lyrics

Brainwashed by the things you’ve read
(Some things better left unsaid)
The bank account never shows red
(Living life by a book that’s dead)
Your false words cut so deep
(All alone their demons start to creep)
Overshadowed by their greed
(A prisoner to what they preach)

Your hero’s a criminal,
Robbing people of their minds of their sanity
When will you see the foe
Who’s torn apart way too many families

Your insecurities fabricate truth
Forgot principles to benefit you

On your knees to an idle who’s make believe
Fuel for the money-hungry war machines
Innocent blood split at the bite of your words
Forced to live by your filth
Forced to suffer your curse

Rewrite the minds of the faithless
Brought them to their knees
You take a weak mind, and fill it with your lies

Need to learn to stand on your feet
And not depend on the mouths of deceit
Can’t you feel it? Feel the wrath?
The snake has lead you down the path
Only a matter of time until you fall
Fall into the dirt, you’ll slip between the walls
Feel the life slowly fade away
He’s caught his grip, there’s no escape

The consequence is you’ll live the rest of your life
Living in fear, left at the edge of the knife

Don’t look to the sky
Look into my eyes
Know there’s no afterlife
Death’s the end of the ride

[Lyrics to Revelations by Mindless]

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Artist Mindless Lyrics
Album"From Bad To Worse" (2014)

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Mindless - Revelations Lyrics

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