Minnie Moskowitz - Who Lyrics

Minnie Moskowitz – Who Lyrics

Who’s that girl
Does someone know her?
Does she have a good background?
I can feel she’s a stranger
They’re so snob
My champagne’s getting Hot
That night I’ve been asked
What my fathers do
I was about to say
My father f**ks you
But you introduced yourself and said
Sorry, what‘s your name again?

What‘s your name again?
Who are you
What’s your name again?

Looking at the window
In the café
It’s all vague and grey
In my cup of tea
I’m waiting for your fucking phone call
The telephone rings
Mademoiselle s’il vous plait
I get up too quick
My high heel breaks
I’m lost here
What’s my name again?
I want to hear

Who are you
what’s your name again?
Who are you

I want to know your name
Who are you
I thought you were my friend

Who are you
I want to hold your hand
Who are you

[Lyrics to Who by Minnie Moskowitz]

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Artist Minnie Moskowitz Lyrics
Album"ModCom" (2013)

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Minnie Moskowitz - Who Lyrics

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