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Minutes - Pig, It Will Come Back to You Lyrics

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Minutes – Pig, It Will Come Back to You Lyrics

I seen your picture,
Your name in lights above it,
Just you alone with the butterflies.
And for one moment,
I was convinced you’re past it
No need for further alibis.

North to Cumbria!
South to Wales!

Battered to the bone
Resist the gales

Climb Hadrian’s Wall!
Measure the tub!

When will you find peace?
Now there’s the rub.

Count up by sevens
To your timely end,
The genes stay where they are,
Never to send.
Count down by sixes
To certain hell below
Walk the countryside and
Stay on the dole.

North to Aberdeen!
South to Brighton!

The bloodline dies right here
Don’t be frightened.

Climb Hadrian’s Wall
Measure the tub
Where will you find peace?
Ah, there’s the rub.

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