MK Grands - Pinnacles Lyrics

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MK Grands – Pinnacles Lyrics

There’s a better chance I’ll fall than break the law
I’ll admit the adoration, two by two.
And when it’s over I’ll start again, take my hand
I’ll lead you to a better world and show you the truth
It’s all a basic game that we both play
It’s all in my heart and I don’t want to wait
This will hurt more than it stings so take a look inside.

It won’t stop, it won’t stop.

Fantasize about the big prize the world advocated, stipulated
Here’s more of the pie to bury next to you.
If we resonate together in this cancer state
don’t let the mould play god, don’t let anybody start.

I want your lie, you’re own mind, this life, a fast life.
I love the fickle blonde girl inside my head
The same predictable story she said
I will find your weakness my love, love, love, love.

Feel the finger run down your neck
Let the goosebumps lift your soul till you start to lose your head
Oh lady listen to me
You’re crazy but I’m fucking holding it to you baby
And I promise I won’t lose this time

I’m alive
I’m enlightened
You’re in front me
A glowing aura of uncertainty
Feel this energy
I will hold you
But baby girl you’re killing yourself

Talk to me baby
It won’t stop till love chokes you girl
You can drive me crazy
And maybe one day you will fuck me sane
Talk to me baby
It won’t stop till love chokes you girl
You can drive me crazy

[Lyrics to Pinnacles by MK Grands]

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MK Grands - Pinnacles Lyrics

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