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Moneta - Something To Fight For Lyrics

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Moneta – Something To Fight For Lyrics

We lie in disguise, refusing compromise
But tell me now old man, what do you live for?
We toss aside our mistakes, we ignore every ache
But in the end what will you say you died for?

From broken hearts and apathy
Our silence brings a change in me

This is a battle that we’ve fought before
And so a son and father fight once more
Build all our walls until they’re caving in around
I know we’ve got something to fight for

Oh you can see that it’s a long way down
From here on top of all these secrets
We’ve got to deal with it and just climb out
And then I know that we will make it

Despite our faults and arrogance
We both deserve another chance

Let’s take the past and rewrite the words
Instead of hiding it under the earth
Rebuild foundations that have been undone
I’d have a father and you’d have a son

[Lyrics to Something To Fight For by Moneta]

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