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Moon Days - And Then It Hit Me Lyrics

Moon Days – And Then It Hit Me Lyrics

These back porch lights don’t touch the dirt
At the edge of the fence, no cause for alert
The path is clear, there’s no need to divert

This manmade light will have to do
It’s taking me from here to you
Concrete jungle, now I’ve made it through

And then it hit me (x3)
Like pure fate, you were already gone
I’ll just walk back home

I had no ill intention when trouble arrived
But bitter thoughts need not be contrived
Whoever thought of this can’t be alive

It’s him or me and I’ve made that clear
But when I leave to start the New Year
I’ll make damn sure that he knows I was here

And then it hit me (x3)
I’d lost the hate.
He was already gone, and I will never walk alone

And to all of my friends, Happy New Year!
And to all the dead-ends, Happy New Year!
And if I see you again, Happy New Year!
I’ll give you something to mend, Happy New Year!

[Lyrics to And Then It Hit Me by Moon Days]
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