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My Fictions - Postcard Lyrics

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My Fictions – Postcard Lyrics

Your postcard wasn’t postmarked,
It hangs right above my bed and photos of you
Still hide in each drawer of my desk.
And each time I answer my phone,
There’s a call I’ll never get.

It makes no sense.
I can’t focus anymore.
I’m dodging landmines in my mind.
And if I fall into a trap,
It’s like I go right back to feeling hopeless
Instead of just deprived.

I’m stuck waiting for good news and trying to improve.
I’m living healthy, but I’m not well.
And I think I’ve apologized enough times to expose the fact
That I can’t ever forgive myself.
It’s in the stars themselves,
I can see them here from hell: years away, nothing ever stays, but it hurts.
It just blooms and bursts, it just blooms and burns – nothing stays, and it hurts.

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